Mailbox need names folders as in cpanel

Operating system: Ubuntu
OS version: 18.04
In cpanel if we create a mailbox under a domain in the mail directory there will be a folder created with username of the mailbox. Here in virtualmin we can create multiple email id but the mail are not arranged in a folder of username. All mails of all users and together. How can we configure postfix to add folders for mailboxes created as in cpanel
Screenshot of cpanel folder view of mail dir

You suggestions and support highly appreciated

Eh, no?
Users mailbox reside in /home/domain/homes/

In /home/domain/Maildir you have the admin-user created on server/domain creation which includes the standard postmaster, hostmaster, abuse and so on.

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That’s correct, @toreskev . This is what the corresponding directory / folder view would look like:

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Thanks for the support , Found the folder under homes … Thanks a lot

Thanks @toreskev . i found the folders . your support was great

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