Mailbox folder files in ~/mail

Hello all,

I just made the decision of update a webmin/usermin/virtualmin to the virtualmin gpl , and the problems started…

I had to remove postfix so that the email from the domains don’t get lost… but i am whit this problems :

I can’t get Read Mail to parse de files in the ~/mail dir, so no other features can work whit the folders files… (ex: spam, clam etc…) (Inbox under /var/mail, folders in ~/mail)

Dovecot is working properly and opens all the files correctly …

What am i missing ?

I don’t know what exactly is Read Mail application - is it a part of Usermin? If Dovecot can read files and get mails to users you got problem in Usermin configuration. Try to look into logs (alwas the bast way to debug someting as all good applications logs many useful things). Try to find Usermin/Webmin logs and read and understand them (hardest part ;o).

Good luck.

If you can supply more info I will try to help you out.

I believe this one was resolved in the ticket tracker (or maybe it was just a similar issue).

In short, the Read Mail modules (both in Webmin and Usermin) are configurable–tell it where to look for mail, and in what format to expect it. It’ll work with any format. Usermin, in a default installation performed by our script, will use IMAP to retrieve and manage mail, so it shouldn’t matter what the backend spool format is. This can, of course, be configured in any Usermin system–regardless of whether you installed it using or not.

Yes it was … :slight_smile:

to retain about this problem is that the "Read Mail" module as 2 configuration pages.
One is the on module itself, and the other on the Usermin Specific Module Config.
And also that the config. key "Usermin-style folders" is in fact the system folders. ex: "mail", "Maildir" or other.

Joe , Please if i am wrong…

PS. Also if the Mail folder is under /var/mail or /var/spool/mail it should be world writable.