Mail user login without "@domain.tld"

Hey guys! First post on the forum mostly cause it’s the first time I can’t find an answer by myself googling. Loving Virtualmin but here’s the problem:
I Have a server running Ubuntu 18 with Virtualmin GPL working perfect, except for the last virtual server I created where when I add an email user the “IMAP / POP3 / FTP login” instead of being set to “someone@domain.tld” is set to just “someone”, I can’t just change the name because Postfix/Dovecot wont accept the credentials, and I have tried almost every setting. I know it must be a dumb tick on the wrong place but just can’t find it.
What am I missing? Any ideas?
Please help!

The options you need:

Virtualmin Configuration->Defaults for New Domains->Include domain name in usernames: “Always”

Server Templates->Default->Mail for domain->Format for usernames that include domain: “user@domain”

I passed that option so many times and didn’t see it lol

Thanks Joe you are great!!