Mail took nearly 20 minutes to arrive

UBUNTU 20.04

It’s a bit strange. If I send mails to an Account I’ve created with virtualmin, it tooks 15 - 20 Minutes, till the Mail arrive.
I’ve activated GrayListing - but on another server (not virtualmin) I’ve also use graylisting, and mails doesn’t take as long as with the virtualmin server.

What might be the issue, that Mails take such a long time to arrive?

Your server is irrelevant in greylisting delay. The sending server decides how quickly to resend after a rejection. Some servers wait a minute or two or five, some wait longer. That’s the price of greylisting. It only happens once per sender (once a sender is trusted, they remain trusted for a long time), but the delay for that first email is not up to you or your server or Virtualmin.

At the first moment I thought so too.
But look at this: Yesterday I’ve signed up to a newsletter. I got the “double-opt-in” email after 30 minutes.
I followed the link and validate my request. They wrote, that after validating, I got the first email with content from them.
This email also took additional 30 minutes to receive.
If the issue would be graylisting, it shouldn’t appear at the second mail, right? Thats because the sender should be added to the whitelist in “graylist”.

So I wonder if the issue for this huge delay could be caused of other things.

If the newsletter was using anything like Amazon SES, Sendgrid or similar this will happen since they have X amounts of IPs the emails are originating from, meaning sometimes they can be stuck in greylisting for quite some time if they rotate between each delivery attempt.

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ok, will keep an Eye on it, if it happens with other first-incoming mails.
Thanks so far.

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