mail Subdomain redirect?

I am trying to setup a seperate mail server from the virtualmin server, and so far so good. I can access and it re-directs me to the mail server. However, redirects me to the website for which is weird. The only thing I can think of, is that apache can’t find a virtualhost for this, and is just showing a default one. Any ideas?


Well, you’ll have to describe your setup a bit more so we can be helpful.

How have you gone about setting up to redirect? Where should it be redirecting to? Is the site for on the same server, or is that on one of the other servers you’re running?



Nevermind, I just added a couple things to the Apache configuration, and changed a few settings in the default.

For information, I added this to the bottom of the apache default skeleton file:

<VirtualHost :80>
ServerName mail.${DOM}
Redirect /