Mail servername and ptr

OS type and version 22.04
Webmin version 2.021
Virtualmin version 7.7
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good days to everybody
this is my first time with virtualmin, and i am so impress, in the past, i use another control panel , and , offcourse, thing were diferent.
now i have a doubt.
in the past. my previous server always use the tld servername for mail server name, and i set ( my isp really) set my PTR with the same tld (HOSTNAME)
but, actually, i have the chance to use personal mail server mail for each virtual machine
and if i have 50 diferent virtual machine with 50 diferent domain, i going to have 50 diferent mail server.
but i only can select ONE PTR record. how can i select?
do i need to use hostname too?
tx in advance

Of course you can only select one (per IP address). It’s mapping an IP address to a name. It doesn’t make sense to have one IP map to many names.

It doesn’t matter.

As long as you have a PTR record and that record resolves to a name that resolves back to the same IP, you’re done with PTR! Don’t make it complicated. The PTR does not even need to point to a name you control. Many hosts have a default PTR record for every IP, and that’s also fine! People sometimes have cosmetic preference for a domain that is hosted on the system, and that’s also fine.

But, don’t make PTR records complicated. You need one, it has to resolve to a name, and that name has to resolve back to your IP. That’s it!

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