Mail Server

Hi All,

I’m back again, and wondering if this is possible. After my server got hacked by a spam bot and managed to get one of my ip addresses blocked with all the major sip’s, I have since resolved the spam issue, and tightened security on the server.

Now after talking with a mail server company, they suggested to change the mail domain name. Previously, the mail came via the server name server01.domain.tld, but they suggested to change the domain for mail to be something like mx.newdomain.tdl

Now I don’t want to go and change the server domain name or anything, i just wondered if there was a way to just change the way postfix outputs mail via another domain that is on my server.

On another idea, why does the domain come via one single point (server name) and not directly from the domain name (is post fix relaying emails?)

What would be the pro’s and cons of having emails relayed?

Basically I want to set up a new mail server, but look as if its not on the same server as server01.domain.tld