Mail Server

Hello all,

I am new to Virtualmin and i’m thinking of trying out this GUI system.
Only my question is, is it possible to disable the mail server and use a other server as Mail Server.
I got multiple servers but they all going to one mail server.

Let me known how to preform this action.



Well, you can disable the mail server feature – however, Virtualmin can only manage local email users. So what you would have is a web server… all your email accounts would then be on your central mail server (and not managed by Virtualmin).

Is that what you’re looking to do?


Yes, but how to disable that?

You can do that by going into System Settings -> Features and Plugins, and disabling the “Mail for Domain” feature.


Hi All,

after disabling the “Mail for Domain” feature in the system settings and logging out / in, I still see the “email messages” block in the left column. Am I missing something here?

Corrado Fiore


Nope, you did everything correctly.

Some email related options will still show up even if the Mail for Domain feature is disabled.

With Mail for Domain disabled, your system won’t receive email from the outside world. But it’s actually still capable of sending mail. In fact, a lot of folks will do that; a website might generate email, for example. Or you could use phpList for sending out a newsletter.

So even with the Mail feature disabled, things like DKIM can still be used, which is why you’re seeing that in the list of options. Options which are no longer relevant (such as spam and virus scanning) are no longer showing up.


Hi Eric,

thanks for your prompt response. DKIM makes perfect sense in a send-only setup (in fact, that’s my condition).

However, seems to me that the other 3 items (“new mailbox”, “update mailbox” and “client email configuration”) should be hidden as they don’t apply to a setup which cannot receive external emails.

Should I open a request for this in the bug tracker?



The new/update mailbox messages are used when creating a new FTP user as well. Although it’s most common to see those when creating a new Email user, which is why it’s categorized there, it’s used in the case of FTP too. Though, in scenarios like what you have, it does make it a tad more confusing :slight_smile:

Although I don’t know what it is off the top of my head, I suspect Jamie has a reason for the last option there, the ability to configure the Mail Client AutoConfiguration. I’ll ask him about that (no need to file a bug report).


Okay, in the next Virtualmin release, Jamie is going to tweak the “Mail Client Configuration” option so that it no longer shows up if the email feature is disabled.