Mail Server doesn't work correctly after migration from cPanel


One year ago I migrated my server with liquidweb and WHM/cPanel to contabo vps and virtualmin. The migration was a nightmare and at the end my mail server didn’t work correctly. For that reason I need a Virtualmin expert to help me in two possible ways. The first one is to audit my server and solve all migration issues (for example: the mail server, automatic ssl certificates, etc). The second way is to create a new server with virtualmin and merge all my mail users.

On the server I mange only two domains and two wordpress web page, but a lot of mailing.

Who can help me with this job?


Drop me a line here, or at and we can setup a day/time to conduct a brief consult to go over things and decide a game plan and such.

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I sent you an email from your website contact form.

VM has a migrate tool for cpanel, did you use that?

Yes, I used that but after the migration was completed, mail was not working. I got all my mail users as Mail Aliases and not as Users, so I add all the users manually and it start working but at the end still having some issues.

right, i think i tested once, can’t remember that issue. I will test again. Hopefully tomorrow.


Can you help me?

No solution.

Did you have that session with him after all?


I believe it’s still on the books but as I’m away at the moment, it’s on hold temporarily.

No. He is busy.

Reach out if I may be of assistance. I’ve deployed numerous Virtualmin based instances.
Very familiar with email services.

Which distro are you using? Drop me a PM or send me an email here: shillongserver[at]

I already wrote to @shillongserver and @pcmerc and I’m waiting for their answers.

Since I didn’t receive any support before I tried to solve the problem myself but I receive some errors. the process I did was the following:

  1. Create a new Virtualmin Server in another VPS. (I found someone in Fiverr to complete this task and then I checked the emails setup creating a new virtual Server and it worked fine)

  2. I replicate users from the old server to the new one using “Batch create users”.

  3. Then following this Transfer email to new server? | Virtualmin, I transferred (and then synced) the old server Maildir from each account to the new account.

—> Problem 1. Here I had the first problem when I tried to check using the usermin log in option. Message: "An error occurred listing mail in this folder : 3 ". I can’t see any mails. I can still send emails.

These next steps were pending and I don’t know if they make sense

  1. After syncing all emails I will change my domain name following this article How to Change a Domain Name in Virtualmin | Hostwinds and then I will change my domain Name Servers.

What do you think? Any recommendation?

Upon migrating the maildirs, did you also set correct owner/permissions?

I just finished a similar migration for a client from on-prem exchange garbage to virtualmin for email only.

Sounds like your maildir import possibly has incorrect owner and/or permissions. You can also see the path for the users home dir I believe if I’m not mistaken through the UI.
That usually resides under the vhosts /home/vhost/homes/…
Verify if possible if those align with the imported maildir locations etc

Best regards,

I don’t normally do in-situ upgrades, I build a new server and migrate everything across - websites, databases, users and emails.

For migrating emails - I’ve always used IMAPsynch

for the windows client and other versions.

And never had issues. You can use IP addresses for source & target and it can use a CSV file to do multiple mailboxes (if the number is large).



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Hello @alexdewhite

Apologies for the late reply. I have send you a follow-up email just now.


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