Mail sent via Roundcube bounces

Hi everyone,

I’m currently trying to connect my Roundcube mail system, with my website, which recommends using SMTP, but once I send a test email, the email return to the sender, does anyone experienced this issue before? Thank you

Yes, this is called a ‘bounce’. The message is returned to the sender most commonly when the destination email address is incorrect - the destination mailbox does not exist or is over quota.

On newly installed servers, however, messages can bounce due to a variety of other reasons, including misconfiguration of Postfix. When Virtualmin is installed in the recommended manner, the automated install script makes all the different parts work together by applying sensible defaults. Then Postfix works and Dovecot works and Roundcube is able to display and send messages.

If your installation of Roundcube is sending out messages which bounce, then you should closely examine the error message which is returned in the body of the bounce. This will tell you why the message sent by Roundcube has bounced. If you also check the server logs, they will tell you exactly what is going wrong.

Since messages going out of Roundcube are bouncing, use some other email client and see if delivery is successful. Virtualmin’s built-in Usermin is an excellent email client which works out of the box on every Virtualmin system. Use Usermin and send a message to the same address that had bounced via Roundcube. If the Usermin delivery is successful, then the issue is with Roundcube. If there is a bounce when both email clients are used then the issue is with the system configuration - Postfix etc.

Check the bounced message and check the mail logs.

@calport If you know how to solve this issue, can we exchange contacts, to discuss more in detail?

Sure, I am easy to find on Google.

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