mail relayed email after spam and virus scan


just about to install a fresh Virtualmin on CentOS 6, which will be used as mail relay server.
But the issue is that I will scan these emails for spam and virus before they are relayed,
so I found a link below which is posted in 2009, so I am wondering if this configuration is still valid ?

Is there any changes so we can use a Postfix instead of sendmail perhaps or ?
Can I still use the config from this link ?,mail_relaying_with_virtualmin/

Thank you



The problem is that there’s not a great way to handle email relaying… that documentation you found should work, but it won’t work with Postfix – you have to use Sendmail. And we don’t really recommend Sendmail, as most folks here don’t understand it :slight_smile:

If you’re comfortable using Sendmail, then go for it – but if you run into problems, most of us won’t be of much help…


Hello Eric,

thank You for reply, well I think You`re right… I already tried, and I can really say that documentation is “working” but … I got some issues as for example:

I should stop the postfix and start the sendmail but when I stopped postfix “service postfix stop” and than
“service sendmail start” I got an error “the postfix could not be started” POSTFIX ? I am starting the sendmail and not postfix … and some other wired things as for example, I was not able to remove the postfix from Virtualmin start page even if I deleted it from the CentOS and refreshed all of the plugins…

I have to find another way to relay the scanned emails … :frowning:

Thank You for reply

Best regards