Mail relay to circumvent the port 25 blockade

Howdy y’all!

My ISP blocks port 25, both incoming and outgoing. This would be liveable, however, I’m using a PHP framework that has port 25 hard coded for it’s outgoing emails.

Solutions so far:

  1. Change the ports that email goes over. I figured that this would be the easiest since I have a tiny VPS that is not being port-blocked (*128MB ram, 256MB cache, just enough to run Virtualmin on Debian for mail and nothing else).

B) Install the framework on a server not behind a blocked port, [*see 1 above as too small] (I would change hosts but I ported my phone numbers to Google Voice before learning I can’t use most of the cheap VPS hosts as they refuse to register through a “VOIP” provider like GV).

•) Rewrite the PHP framework (egad, if this is the only way, so be it, yet I have not exhausted all other options).

Solution 1 has worked to get mail out (using a relay over port 587), but I am dropping replies incoming (I did get a nasty mail forwarding loop while messing around, but that’s a whole other discussion).

I read another forum post that suggests having 2 Virtualmin servers that replicate the domains but provide separate services:

|BlockedVmin |.>Port 587>…|TinyVmin| > rest of internet >

|HTTP/HTTPS |…| Postfix |

| Direct Web |…< Loop? <…|Relayed | < replies come here <…?

Should I start with both servers having and (and set “Features and Plugins” differently on each instance) or have on the BlockedVmin and the on the TinyVmin.

I’ll eventually figure this out but since I have to reinstall the BlockedVmin any-ways, I thought I’d gulp ask for help before I go and do it wrong all over again (and still have a shred of sanity left).

Any questions comments or concerns would be most appreciated ;^)