mail rate limit global message limit

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Please, can you tell me what mean “global message limit” set in Mail Rate Limiting module?

If I set “At most every 500 every 1 days” it means that ALL users together can send 500 emails each day or that EACH user can send 500 emails each day?

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I am also having the same question in mind :slight_smile:

all users together will be limited by the 500 mail a day.

Hello !
I’ve set this feature a month ago and during these days two customers phone me because after they send a newsletter the server blocked their connection.
This problem was reported me only by those 2 customers, other people can work without limitation in my opinion.
So, could be that the limit is set for all users of a single domain?
This can be the reason why I can set a rule for “Per sender domain overrides”.
Hope this help if it is explain in the right way.