Mail notifications from server to administrator?

Centos 8.2
Virtualmin 6.13 Webmin 1.960

How do you configure e-mail notifications (error-warning-info) from the server to the owner account - me?

This is NOT about user e-mail accounts, this is about the server sending system messages to the administrator.

Yes I have looked in the documentation.

Read email in the root mailbox or have it forwarded to an email address that you check often.

Well some monitoring has to be sending the mails in the first place? How do you configure that?

Are you getting any system level alerts, warnings or notifications in your root mailbox? This mailbox traditionally receives such messages from services running on your system by default even if you do not (and particularly if you do not) specify another mailbox. This is the answer to your original question and is compliant with the topic that you had elected to use for this thread.

If you wish to ask how you might configure Virtualmin to send you email notifications about any custom services which you may have configured for monitoring then please start another topic, appropriately captioned, so that members of the community can assist appropriately in their very first response to you.

I have not set up any mailbox or any notifications about anything, yet you tell me there is a preconfigured root mailbox? That receives alerts?
AAAH, login via IP:20000 ok, who knew… only getting a 404 here, but … I am not going to use the mailserver for anything.

Where does the system alerts go? Where do I define that, this server is not intended to include or be running a mailserver, yet it would be great to get system alerts… I get those from my NAS and from my RAID monitoring, none of those are running mailservers, so what do I have to do to get them from Virtualadmin…

Is it MON Service Monitor?

I think I found it, System and Server Status has a rudimentary dialogue to have reports sent to a specified e-mail, but I need to add the credentials for an external smtp and that is no where to be found.

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