Mail Logging System

Is there a module for VM and/or WM which will be able to trace all outgoing and incoming e-mails, accepted or rejected?

this feature is similar to Cpanel’s Mail Delivery Report (host side) or Trace Email (client side) feature.

I hope someone could point me out to a solution. Thanks.

Mail log files should have all this info but if you are looking something like cPanel Vmin doesnt have it so you need to dig log files, come up with some extra software or use custom script. While Vmin/Wmin have a lot of features still lack some of basic one what can be found in other software like cPanel or Plesk, well at least one with nice UI.

I hope in the future we can see dev team to work more on polishing out current software, pay more attention for each linux distro, more focus on eliminating obsolete modules and in the same time bring new one what are more essential or frequently used.

P.S. Tomorrow should be out new version of Vmin with some big/major changes so lets see what will bring to us.


There is an email log search option.

If you go into Logs and Reports -> Search Mail Logs, you can search for entries you are interested in.

There, you can search by sender address, recipient address, and also give it the window of time you are interested in.


@Eric: sherwinaval meant something similar what cPanel have where is much easier to check this options. It is true you can do the same with Vmin and mail logs but cPanel is more “eye candy” and probably easier to understand/find for most users.

Hi @andreychek ,
I am logged as root, and cannot find Search Mail Logs in Logs and Reports ??? Using Postfix. I can see maillog in Systemlogs, but missing search options.
What could be the problem ?

I couldn’t find both

  • Logs and Reports -> Search Mail Logs (as root using GPL)
  • maillog (using postfix too) How do I enable this at least?

the only thing that’s mail related log in /var/log is procmail.log

the Cpanel feature is truly an eye-candy and it would be good if VM could have that too. However, i can read raw logs just fine and I wouldn’t access it all the time, at least just to check for spamming activities if there will be such.

Btw, I’m in Centos 7, not sure if that matters though :slight_smile: I appreciate the help. Thanks.