Mail list problem

Hi all,

I found a bug that if I browse the deleted imap mail (a deleted line on mail subject) on usermin. After read the deleted email and then back to inbox summary browse list, it will display abnormal summary screen as attachment. Anybody encounters such problem?

Eric Lee

I have not seen this before.

I haven’t seen this, and can’t re-produce it. What link did you click on to return to the mail list?

Also, does this still happen if you click the ‘Reset sorting’ link to turn off sorting by date?

It will always happened in the following situation.

  1. Open usermin web mail and keep opening
  2. Open another email client software (e.g. outlook / live mail) and connecting with IMAP protocol
  3. Delete email on outlook, it will shows a delete line on deleted mail
  4. After refresh on usermin first time, it will shows the same mail with delete line <-- it’s normal
  5. After peroid of time of refreshing, it will happend the error on picture
  6. The error will be solved if new email is coming


I’ve seen this problem a lot, but only in a very old version of Usermin. Are you sure you are running the latest version (1.410)?

Does this still happen if you click the ‘Reset sorting’ link above the mail list to just display messages in the order they were received?

It still got problem after performed reset sorting

I just new install my virutalmin a week ago, even I have already upgraded all virutalmin package (including usermin).

I have the same problem here, lots of non-exising messages from None with 0 kb. It’s really strange because it appears only in one out of four mailboxes I migrated. I tried to find a reason, saw that some messages are not in the Usermin webmail but appear in Kmail (and originally specuilated that it might be related to charsets - the missing messages were in Czech, French), but I am not so sure.