Mail Issue

I’ve set up post fix, and while SMTP is responding I cannot connect via pop3. I can post any config files needed. Also, glad to see the site back up ;-D

Thanks in advance.

Postfix is not a POP3/IMAP Server, you need to install one.


Okay, I’ve installed courier-base courier-pop and courier-imap and subsequent dependancies. The server prompts for password when connecting via pop. I have a test mailbox I set up under virtualmin.

Under the details this is what I see after creating:

Username: (POP3/FTP Login
Password: testpassword

The mail name may resolve to the old IP still so use as the server.

I may be using the worlds worst pop3 server, I don’t know. Is there a pop3 server that has better integration with virtualmin?

Courier should work fine alongside Virtualmin … what is the problem that you are having? Still can’t connect?

Make sure that there is a message (welcome message) in the mailbox, as the Maildir isn’t actually created until it recieves its first message.

Thanks for the tip on the welcome messages. That has resolved my issue.


Glad to hear it.

Just in case you didn’t notice it, there is a Welcome Message feature in Virtualmin, so that when you create a mailbox, the Maildir is created and the user also gets some info about their account.

Hi Danny,

Just to follow up on your query about your choice of POP3/IMAP server, Courier is a fine choice. It’s not the one we’re using in our Virtualmin Professional bundle (we’ve selected Dovecot), but Courier works just fine and shouldn’t give you any troubles when used with Virtualmin. The mail retrieval server you choose really doesn’t matter a lot, unless you find that it causes troubles for your workload. Courier is generally considered one of the best for a lot of situations, so I doubt you’ll have any problems with it. And if it does cause troubles, migrating to another choice is usually very easy (it took me about ten minutes to upgrade a UW system to Dovecot, and another hour or so to convert everything to Maildir to address performance problems we were having once mailboxes got over 10,000 messages in size).

In other words, your choice will work fine, and if it proves problematic changing later isn’t going to be traumatic.

Joe, just a side question, what do you use to convert mbox to Maildir?

Hey James,

I used for my conversions to Maildir. It worked pretty much flawlessly (as I recall, anyway) on about 30 mailboxes, some with over 10,000 messages.

We had already converted to Dovecot on the old server, and so I can say with some confidence that the switch to Maildir by itself makes a pretty big improvement in performance in many operations, though Thunderbird still seems to get confused sometimes on my big mailboxes and acts like things are slower than I think they ought to be (then again, Thunderbird stores mail locally in an mbox file…so we’re back to the positives and negatives of mbox).