Mail issue on fresh el8.2 install

I did a clean install on el8.2. After I insert my email information, Thunderbird says incorrect settings. When I log into Usermin with my email credentials and send a test email to my gmail account, this is what maillog reports:

Aug 20 07:37:18 dev postfix/smtpd[2375]: warning: unknown[x.x.x.x]: SASL LOGIN authentication failed: authentication failure
Aug 20 07:37:18 dev postfix/smtpd[2375]: disconnect from unknown[x.x.x.x] ehlo=1 auth=0/1 rset=1 quit=1 commands=3/4
Aug 20 07:37:29 dev postfix/smtpd[2375]: connect from[]
Aug 20 07:37:29 dev postfix/smtpd[2375]: 59C995438CC1:[]
Aug 20 07:37:29 dev postfix/cleanup[2417]: 59C995438CC1:
Aug 20 07:37:29 dev postfix/qmgr[1449]: 59C995438CC1:, size=650, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
Aug 20 07:37:29 dev postfix/smtpd[2375]: disconnect from[] helo=1 mail=1 rcpt=1 data=1 quit=1 commands=5
Aug 20 07:37:31 dev postfix/smtp[2418]: connect to[2607:f8b0:400e:c08::1b]:25: Network is unreachable
Aug 20 07:37:31 dev postfix/smtp[2418]: 59C995438CC1:,[x.x.x.x]:25, delay=2.2, delays=0.05/0.03/1.7/0.34, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (250 2.0.0 OK 1597909051 k14si844956pfp.7 - gsmtp)
Aug 20 07:37:31 dev postfix/qmgr[1449]: 59C995438CC1: removed

I feel like this means that maybe Webmin/Usermin has an incorrect password stored for my user some how?

Also saw this in maillog as well:

Aug 20 07:42:39 dev postfix/smtpd[3222]: warning: TLS library problem: error:1408F10B:SSL routines:ssl3_get_record:wrong version number:ssl/record/ssl3_record.c:332:

Any direction would be helpful, thank you.

Do you have port 25 open on your server / firewall. Does your VPS host permit you to use port 25?

Firewalld is allowing the smtp and smtpd service. I’m new to Firewalld but I believe services added open up their correlating ports, 25/tcp and 465/tcp. I’m on Digital Ocean, shouldn’t be an issue there.

firewall-cmd --list-all
public (active)
target: default
icmp-block-inversion: no
interfaces: eth0
services: cockpit dhcpv6-client ftp http https imap imaps pop3 pop3s smtp smtps ssh
ports: 587/tcp 53/tcp 20/tcp 2222/tcp 10000-10100/tcp 20000/tcp 1025-65535/tcp 53/udp
masquerade: no
rich rules:

Well, I am not sure Digital Ocean keeps port 25 open by default. See

I should have used telnet to check if the port was open, great info, thank you. I wouldn’t have thought they would have done that. Barring using MailGun or a similar service, might I just force everything through port 465, or will this eventually cause problems?

Thanks for the wisdom.

Glad I could be of help, @tommyvirtualmin. No, using port 465 will not solve the problem. But this might:

Free smarthost / mail relay to work around port 25 block by VPS host

Update: Looks like my Digital Ocean account had port 25 opened I learned when I emailed their support team (my account is older than 6 months, apparently that is their requirement). It looks like when I ran telnet against port 25 on my server it was my ISP (Spectrum) blocking it, not my web server.

So I ended up going into Webmin -> Servers -> Dovecot IMAP/POP3 -> Networking & Protocols -> Accept SSL Connections -> and switched “default” to “Yes” and now my email is working perfectly. No more errors in ‘/var/log/maillog’.

Thanks for the insight, @calport. Very nifty solution you implemented as well on your Virtualmin instance, btw. Pretty cool.

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