Mail Issue in virtualmin roundcube

I have installed virtualmin in centos 7 and roundcube mail is installed but i am not able to receive mail in my inbox please guide me

I installed sendmail server so my mail send also stopped now

Hello @Ravi89 and welcome to the community.

Virtualmin works perfectly for sending / receiving email for multiple domains / virtual servers and hosting webmail, amongst many, many other things, when it is used with its default, out of the box settings and choice of services, Postfix being one of them. Is your choice of Sendmail a non-negotiable requirement or merely a preferred option?

i have removed sendmail but still roundcube mail not working mx records are also updated please help if possible

I would be happy to help @Ravi89 and so would others in the community.

You say you have removed Sendmail. Do you currently have postfix setup exactly as it was when Virtualmin was installed on a fresh system?

If you reinstall Virtualmin on a fresh system so that you have everything set up the way it should be, then this would be a good investment in time and energy and will give you a system which you can be certain will work normally for a long time in the future.

Once you have Virtualmin installed on a fresh system, it is simply a matter of creating a virtual server and installing Roundcube from the install option that Virtualmin offers.

Try that and let us know how it goes.

I have a fresh install virtual min on CentOS 7 and roundcube installation is also completely done and I am able to send mail but not able to receive any mail on my inbox and static IP is also configured properly

Is port 25 open, so that you can receive email?

Is mail.domain.tld pointing to your VPS IP address and is MX configured correctly - domain.tld -> mail.domain.tld?

I have updated mx records with and not with mail.domain.tld so should I change that And my port 25 is open and mx records is updated

Um, and mail.domain.tld are placeholders for the domain name that you use. Do not put in your MX record. You must put your real domain there for email to work.

Why did you install sendmail? That will have likely broken the configuration that Virtualmin does with Postfix during installation.

You may be able to restore it to normalcy by running virtualmin config-system --include Postfix but I’m not sure. Things are always weird and unpredictable after you drive off the map and do custom configs and software installations.

I understand @Ravi89 has thereafter reinstalled Virtualmin on a fresh server and has got everything else to work except incoming email. So: check if port 25 and the MX records are set up correctly.

If Ravi shares with us the domain name, we could take a look at the MX record that has been applied, maybe check if port 25 is indeed open and do this all remotely without needing credentials from him so that we can be specific about suggestions for the values he should apply to DNS records.

The blunder yesterday of using the placeholder instead of the actual domain name could have been easily avoided.

My mail is which is updated properly but unable to receive e-mails so should I update mail.addealindia.tld kindly guide me

First, domain.tld is a placeholder and not a real domain. We never actually use domain.tld in our config.files. In your particular case, @Ravi89 is your real domain. You will always use and never addealindia.tld

I have had a look at the DNS records of It points to IP address The good news is that port 25 is open. Now, these are the things that you must do next for your domain to work with Virtualmin and Roundcube:

Create a subdomain and point it to IP address (I checked, this domain has not yet been created in the control panel of your Bigrock account)

Create MX record -> (I checked, the MX record has not yet been created in the control panel of your Bigrock account)

For Roundcube, you could use Virtualmin’s Install Script option to install it on your existing domain, If you wish to use Roundcube on a different domain, you could create a new subdomain, say via the control panel of your Bigrock account, point it to IP address and install it there.

Yell if you have questions or need help.

I have added subdomain and mx record as per your instructions yesterday but still unable to receive e-mails kindly guide me whether I have updated correctly or not

I confirm that you have created correctly. You have also created a MX record for but you need to create a MX record for to be able to receive email to addresses like

If you do that, mail should work.

i have added mx record for and i am sharing screenshot kindly check and tell whether it is correct or not

All is well now with the DNS records of after the MX records that you have added, mail should start coming in when propagation is complete.

my static ip is not pinging from outside network and i contacted bigrock support they told that there is issue in static ip and my website is working well but ping is not working is this reason for not receiving mail

propagation is complete by now then also you check and confirm the same

DNS propagation happens at different times on different networks. Since you have already applied the correct DNS records, you now need to patiently wait for propagation to complete across all networks of the internet.

You could create a user under a virtual server and send email from Gmail / Hotmail etc and see if you receive it.

i have already created user and send mail from gmail my user is but unable to receive mail