Mail Groups


Doesn’t anyone know how to setup mail groups with virtualmin? Been trying for the past 2 days.



Hey Rich,

You’re going to have to define the term “mail groups” for me. I don’t know what you’re trying to do.

Hi Joe

We have 3 departments in the company. sales, accounts & ops.

I would like to send 1 email to and all of the sales staff would get a copy of this email.

The same for accounts and ops.

Ah, this is merely an alias. Select the domain you’d like to create an alias in, click “Edit Mail Aliases”, and click “Add an alias to this domain.”

Switch to the Advanced version of the form (you can do it with the basic version, but it’s a bit clunky for this kind of thing).

Fill in Name with "salesgroup"

Then fill in the mail addresses, or the POP3/FTP usernames, of the users you’d like to receive the messages in the “Alias destinations” fields.

Select “Email address” in the dropdown if you’re using the full email address, or “Mailbox of user” if you’re using the POP3/FTP username. For the sake of clarity, you may wish to use the full email address.

You can also provide a description, which is just a text comment that gets added to the aliases file above the alias definition. This is optional.

Hi, I have a similar question. I also want to create group based aliases but I would like to connect the aliases to users that are assigned to LDAP based groups.

I have virtualmin running successfully with LDAP access and have created a number of groups (as well as associating some users to these groups), I now want for the users within these groups to receive email (ie. is received by all users within the ‘support’ group).