Mail forwarding section is missing from edit users panel


I added a new user in edit user panel but when defining the email, I don’t see the section for email forwarding, what am I missing?

A related question: I have a contact form using PHP and mail command but the email never arrives, what should I check to make it work?

Any kind of help will be appreciated, if this is not the right forum, please direct me to the right one, thanks :slight_smile:

I’m a bit lost and feel left out, can anyone please explain how come no one answers my question? Did I ask it wrong? Thanks

Hi sorry i did not see this sooner…

Email is accessed from Usermin ( look under webmin tab)

If your emails are being sent but not received, this could be a problem with your postfix configuration, however, if a default install your mail server should be working straight out of box.

So what to do next…

  1. Ensure you have a reverse ptr record setup through your vps service provider

  2. Go to and configure spf, and also _dmarc records and add them to your domain registrar dns records (do a google search for mxtoolbox spf and dmarc generator as its hard to find the generators in their website menus

  3. Once the above is done it should work

Thank you for your reply. actually I gave up on emailing using my own domain and I have a gmail email that I want to use.
At the moment I’m using the php mail command but the email never arrives. Is it possible to send an email to my gmail account through virtualmin’s email mechanism?

I have found php mailer is unreliable for recipients email spam filters. I believe its recommended to use stmp instead. Having said that, if your spf, _dmarc, and reverse ptr are not correct, then it wont matter what you do, emails going out from your server will almost always go to spam (if they get received at all).

spam filters are very sensitive these days, even the smallest error in the way the above records are setup will result in trouble at the other end.

Mail for me is a rather complicated functionality to get working properly…for a long time i didnt bother running mail servers, however, i have ventured down that pathway in the last 6 months or so (Its a very frustrating journey)

You can configure your outgoing emails to run through a third party relay service on a custom port (such as sendgrid or mailchimp). Might i suggest that you research into these and then follow their documentation on how to set it up on your server.

I wish i had a simple how to article on mail servers but i dont at present unfortunately. The best i can offer you is to go over to the folks at as they have a huge rang of tutorials on just about every aspect of running a server you can think of. A little caveat…different control panels (ie virtualmin, ISPconfig, VestaCP, CPanel, Centos-web Panel) all have unique ways of making things work…so a tutorial for one, wont necessarily work perfectly for another. Having said that, Postfix is pretty standard so most of the tutorial stuff is transferrable from one hosting panel to another.

hope this helps

kind regards


Thank you very much, I need this only for the contact form of my site, I’ll take a look on sendgrid or mailchimp but I wonder if they do this simple task…

It looks like Virtualmin has a lot of automation of processes, I wonder why email server definition is not one of them. Meaning, just define the mail account and off you go…

While looking in your references, I’ve found this: - I will give it a try, I hope it will work. Thanks again for your guidance.

Done and works great!
Thanks again for the help!

that is great I am glad you found a solution that works for you. Sometimes what is needed are just some little helping hands to get you on your pathway to success. There are lots of tutorials on the internet about postfix, its a matter of finding just the right one (which you have done).

As a matter of interest, my introduction to SendGrid came about originally as a result of restrictions on mail server ports on the google cloud network (google cloud don’t allow standard email ports so its vps owners must use an email relay…ie sendgrid).

Finally, php mailer works great if you are using your own website contact form to send to your own email account (because you can create exceptions in your mail client settings). However, even this sometimes has problems because without the correct dns records and proof of sender information, Microsoft and google mail servers simply will not allow the emails to even get through their networks…(so they don’t even get to your spam box essentially cutting you off at the knees so to speak). I have found that often Hotmail will allow an email through (with poor spf/DMARC/reverse pty) whereas Live/Outlook will not.