Mail Forwarding and Replies Problem

I have one of my users that wanted to send automated replies while she was away for a week. I asked her to set it up in Usermin> Mail> Mail Forwarding and Replies> which she tried to do, but when she saved the fields did not save. No errors displayed. It appeared to save. However, when my user tested, no automatic reply was sent. I tested and confirmed it was not working.

I tried to set it up for her using her login and I could also not get it to save. However I went to Virtualmin> Edit Users> Select the user> Mail forwarding settings> and set up the automated reply and this time it worked, but when I go to usermin with her login it does not show the auto reply in the Mail Forwarding and Replies fields. They are blank.

Are the Usermin and Virtualmin settings for the Mail Forwarding and Replies stored in different places?

Why would she not be able to save Mail Forwarding and Replies from her login?

Does anyone have any suggestions?