Mail for user stored in /root/Maildir/new when user has separate directory


I’ve been search for a fix, and here I am.

I have recently setup a vps with webmin/virtualmin and created user “sales” for mail receiving along with few other users. However, for sales, it seems that there are no mails received in roundcube or virtualmin’s Read User Mail section. I tested sending mail TO sales, but it doesn’t show up, however sending mail FROM sales works just fine. The account used to send mail (Gmail & Zoho) TO sales shows successful delivery.

I looked in /var/log/procmail.log and this is the line I find for the user “sales”, it is linked to /root/Maildir/new

From mail[at]bvhaewil[dot]com Fri Dec 11 12:34:48 2020
Subject: High CRI no flash broadcasting court light
Folder: /root/Maildir/new/1607690088.17287_0.example.c 3348
Time:1607690088 From: mail[at]gmail[dot]com To:sales@example[dot]com User:root Size:3401 Dest:/root/Maildir/new/1607690088.17287_0.example[dot]com Mode:None

Where as for another user “aaryan” it is correctly linked to user’s directory:

From mail[at]specijalna-oprema[dot]hr Fri Dec 11 12:21:09 2020
Subject: [SPAM] Re: LED Street Retrofit 170lm/w 5-7 rainy days working - Karen
Folder: /home/aaryan/Maildir/.spam/new/1607689296.15090_0.example[dot]com 272911
Time:1607689296 From: mail[at]163[dot]com To: aaryan[at]example[dot]com User:aaryan Size:272971 Dest:/home/aaryan/Maildir/.spam/new/1607689296.15090_0.example[dot]com Mode:Spam

I have deleted the user and re-created it, but the error still persists. I need help to correctly link to the user’s maildir location.

I looked that I will have to run cron job to shift the mails, but is there any other way to solve this problem? Also, can anybody help to setup the cron job if there isn’t a way to fix this.

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