Mail filters write to $HOME/mail/$DIR instead of $HOME/Maildir/.$DIR


I recently setup Webmin, Virtualmin and Usermin.

While converting from exim style filters to procmail filters, I noticed that under a regular user, I am able to setup various filters.

I use dovecot with Maildir style mailboxes.

One of the filters means to do something like:

If match list-id “the-list” then save to new folder “the-list”.

I would expect the filter to save it under $HOME/Maildir/the-list (or .INBOX.the-list as it would match current filters.)

The resulting filter though is like: $HOME/mail/$DIR.

Can this be changed to Maildir folders under the users Maildir structure…


I found a workaround (obviously), I editted the .procmailrc files manually and set them to the proper place. This seems to work for now. In the GUI this results as ‘save to file $HOME/Maildir/.INBOX.$DIR’ which is what I need. Adding it through the GUI does not work [yet].

Hi I had the same problem with Usermin and procmail rules dropping mails into the mail folder. (They were however in Maildir format)

Go to “Preferences” on the “Read Mail” module

Look for the parameter “Mailboxes directory under home directory” and set it to “Maildir”

This did the trick for me.