hi, I think I almost have things up and running, however I noticed that when I use to connect to my mail server I can’t connect, however if I use just I can. I am using godaddy for my registrar at the moment. I am not sure if it is an issue on thier end or on mine. I have registered my server as a name server and I can ping my server from an external source, so I know it is able to be seen, however I think that godaddy and my dns servers may be conflicting, is there a way I can test this, and see whos side the issue is on. I think that may also be why the and url’s are not working, is because godaddys dns and my dns servers are conflicting, how do I tell godaddy not to use thier name server/DNS and refer everything to mine. I have contacted them and they said that they can’t support doing that so am unsure as to what to do.

Well, if you log into your Linux box, and type:


Are the nameservers listed there correct? Generally, they should point to your servers running Virtualmin/Webmin unless you’ve setup DNS elsewhere.

At that point, what do you get if you type these commands:


That will do a DNS lookup on those domains, and see what your DNS server tries to resolve them as.

for whois I get

Domain servers in listed order:

for hostname I get has address mail is handled by 0 mail is handled by 5

for host I get has address


Well, it looks like there’s a few problems going on there.

First, the hostname “SRV1.ROOKSYSTEMS.COM” doesn’t seem to resolve for me.

Second, when querying NS61.DOMAINCONTROL.COM and NS62.DOMAINCONTROL.COM, it seems the name is setup in a CNAME loop.

That is, is setup as an alias for

Instead, should point to an "A" record such as "".

how do I get to resolve, I can ping it from command line at work, so it is pingable from an external source, is there an issue with my DNS configureation on my server, or is it an issue with godaddy?

There’s quite a bit of DNS troubleshooting information in the Webmin documentation, and in our wiki here.,dns_troubleshooting/

That should at least get you started on understanding how DNS works. It’s usually not difficult to track down DNS problems, if you understand how things are supposed to behave. Further useful reading would be the Webmin BIND module documentation.