Mail domain name

OS type and version Debian 12.5 Bookworm
Virtualmin version Virtualmin version: 7.9.0.gpl-1

Hello, I have a little problem:
in the root account the email turns out to be username@mydomain.x (which is what I want).
Going into the added user’s email account, on the contrary, it shows: user@MAIL.domain.x.
This is important because I need it to recover some pwd’s that I lost.
This is showed in my user mail account: System hostname mail.domain.x, with mail user@MAIL.domain.x
Root account/edit user, is shown as username@domain.x.
IMAP / POP3 / FTP username username@domain.x (root account, user domain tab).

If you Created a Virtual Server called domain.x, any user you create in there should have the username user@domain.x’

Not sure what you mean root account, no Virtual Server has a root account, only administrator account.

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Well, administrator account is settled as domain.x and everything as user@domain.x

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