Wondering if Anyone knows where/how to change this?

I searched around but the basic question brings back ALOT of info not related…

Trying to setup for my dad, as he’s older, most Mail Clients, Use IMAP.DOMAIN.COM and SMTP.DOMAIN.COM. So It’d just be easier for him to enter name and password as the rest of the account sets up automatic.

OR If there’s a way to tell the Client it’s MAIL.DOMAIN.COM would be fine too.

And Will I need to Redo My SSL Certs and All that (DNS,MX Records,Etc).




One option is that rather than having an email client on his desktop, you could always have him access a RoundCube webmail installation on your server, which doesn’t require anyone configure various preferences to get it working.

Another option, which I unfortunately have very little experience with, is to look in Email Messages -> Mail Client Configuration. I’m not entirely sure that it works with Outlook (I know it does work with Thunderbird), but it might. It’s certainly worth a try.

The only other option would be to setup TeamViewer on his desktop, and you could always enter the email preferences for him :slight_smile:


Some good Ideas, Thanks I’ll check them out, I was searching around for the “FIle” (Think It’s XML), Where you just Click it and it auto sets up the Client with all the pertinent info, but not much luck there, my old host had it in the Mail section. I might just might set it up here, and find where it’s stored, zip it up (Directory Structure :sunglasses: ), and send it to him tell him to “Click It”, LOL.

Thanks for the Ideas, I’ll check into it.


Hi Miker1029,
In my experience when setting up email for my clients, most modern email clients either have a database of known email hosts based on domain, or they actually query the server and try various urls (mail.domain.tld, imap.domain.tld, etc.) and it tries all the standard ports and security options and then selects whichever ones the server responds to and allows the client to log in. This is usually how auto-configurations work, in my experience.

In your case, if it’s defaulting to imap.domain.tld and smtp.domain.tld then you could set these up in your DNS records with a C NAME for each to point these to mail.domain.tld.

As for your SSL Cert, you may need to update them, you may not, depends if the mail client is looking for the subdomain in the cert or not, if it is, then yes, if it’s just looking for the domain, there should be no issues.

This should minimize or eliminate any changes to Virtualmin.

Hopefully this helps.

Ok, Ya It does, But when I did it for the IMAP/SMTP the servers come up with for both, and I have to add the “mail” to the beginning of both, I have read aound about a file you can put on the server to “fill in” that information, and in the “Grand Scheme” I guess that would be the best way to do it, then it’d apply to everyone.

And Ya I was thinking about the CNAME settings, that i’d probably need one for each.

Appreciate the feedback, I’ll be searching around today and report back.


Hmmm, Ok, I went in to my E-mail Client, to Test the Auto-Setup (with dads credentials), Which it filled in the “MAIL” part, but I believe that’s only because MY E-mail Account is already set up… BUT I did get this in my Error E-Mail and looks like from Thunderbird Client.

So I Searched “config-v1.1.xml” and got these links: WOW, Talk About confusing, I Get what it says, But 1 My Registrar Doesn’t support SRV, and I don’t think I can put it in TXT (I did this with _DMARC and it worked) as It needs the Priority, Another reason I need to get my NameServer working…

Then I Found This:

Which Looks Simple Enough, Except, I’m Not sure where to put the Files, as if you look at the 404 I got, It’s looking In “.well-known” which is part of LetsEncrypt. And Why I need to Call another XML (Same name) from VAR/WWW as I remember from a year ago playing with a Local Server I had setup the CP I was using then used that for the Website Storage…

What is, I Guess, Confusing me, Is the 1st file, as it calls the SAME file Name, and really doesn’t Specify WHERE that file is, Or I could Simply Drop them All into .wellknown or Into My Forum Home Dir, Where the SSL Certs are…

If anyone has any ideas, I’d LOVE you hear them, Hoping a Guru can just tell me what Directory to put the files in.