Mail delivered to wrong location

Dear people,

I’ve installed Virtualmin on my second server and I love it! I’m ditching WHM/CPANEL and transferring all domains. But I stumbled on one issue that keeps me busy for a few days now: ALL e-mail is sent to one user on one domain. I’ve searched everywhere, but I can’t get it. The server sees the right domain, but it still places the mail in the wrong location.
When I check the procmail log I see the following:

Subject: Test
Folder: /home/servernl/home/robbert/maildir/23232323
Time:blabla From: User:robbert.servernl Size:blabla Dest:home/servernl/homes/Robbert/Maildir/new/

The rest of the server works flawlessly, only mail is sent to one user.

I think I tackled the issue today (after four days of searching). Don’t know if it supposes to happen, but when I set a catch-all address to the server’s domain, all mail from all the virtual servers are sent to that mailbox. Let’s say the domain of the server is ‘’ and I have a second virtual server with the domain

When I add a user with mailaddress to the main server’s domain and add an Additional email address with only to that account, all mail from all domains is delivered to When I remove the additional address mail is sent to the right mailbox. Is there no option to set a catch-all address this way?

Thanks for reading guys. Probably a noob question or a noob mistake, but I’m here to learn :slight_smile: