Mail clients (Mail client auto-configuration)

Hi All,

I’m having issues where my auto-configure emails fail to work correctly. “Gmail seems to make everything work but throws out big and red certificate is not valid and may be dangerous, the cert details show my server hostname cert and not the domain itself”

AN Example SSL certificate is configured on when username and password are set up to retrieve details the incoming settings are correct but outgoing settings get pulled in as

can someone please assist me what I’m currently doing is manually changing the outgoing to port 587 and changing the host to

my current Configuration :

Outlook :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> email settings IMAP 24 $IMAP_HOST $IMAP_PORT $SMTP_LOGIN off $IMAP_SSL on SMTP 24 $SMTP_HOST $SMTP_PORT $SMTP_LOGIN off $SMTP_SSL on

ThunderBird :


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