Mail Client auto Configuration to use SSL/TLS

Good Day Guys,

When Thunderbird (for example) queries my server with the default mail auto-configure or the XML below; both auto populate the SMTP settings to “no encryption”. If I change Thunderbird to use encryption it works fine but how can I tell this XML script to offer SSL or StartTLS to begin with?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Current XML Data for Thunderbird:


Current XML data for OUTLOOK:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> email settings IMAP 24 $IMAP_HOST $IMAP_PORT $SMTP_LOGIN off $IMAP_SSL on SMTP 24 $SMTP_HOST $SMTP_PORT $SMTP_LOGIN off $SMTP_SSL on

You need to enable TLS, then install a certificate to be used, Mine is from Let’s Encrypt which needs a manual “renewal”/“copying” from my auto renew certificate (main domain).

Encryption is not being pushed if you have an invalid certificate.

Hi coderinthebox,

I have a Comodo wildcard attached that is working. If I change the XML

$SMTP_TYPE to read $SMTP_SSL Then the autconfigure sets it to STARTTLS but the login name then populates with only the username and not username.domain as it does with no encryption...