Mail + CalDAV/CardDAV in Pro

I want to add CalDAV/CardDAV to a virtualmin mail server.
My idea is to use the NextCloud module in the Pro version for this.
Other solutions?
If I chose this solution, can I:

  1. use the mail users as nextcloud users?
  2. create groups (by domains), and have an admin user that can manage only the users of his domain/group?

Thsnk, P.

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I use nextcloud as well, but it would be nice for this to be automated, be an easier sell to clients as well.

Do you use the the script version from the Virtualmin Pro o have you “mannually” installed it in Virtualmin GPL?
I am interested in user integration between mail users and nextcloud users (for calendar and addressbook).


I used the script with worked fine, but everything else is a manual setup, nothing gets propagated into nextcloud at all. from my experience.

Can you draw a diagram of your desired setup?

I installed Nextcloud manually into one of my domains. Then I installed, configured and integrated LDAP into both Webmin/Virtualmin and subsequently Nextcloud. If I remember correctly all users, regardless of the domain can be made available in Nextcloud. I’ll have to check because I did it on a bit of a whim and haven’t paid a great deal of attention to it since. I’ll have another look at the configuration and let you know which users show up.


With LDAP integrated into Webmin/Virtualmin and Nextcloud, users from multiple domains are available in Nextcloud.

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