Magento Install Script


I’m trying to work out whether i can achieve a solution using Virtualmin GPL or if I need Pro.

We need to make it easy to provision many servers with Magento installed with the least amount of admin interaction as possible. I understand that with Pro I can set the Magento Install Script to be run with every server creation. What I can’t find out, is if this process requires any admin interaction, or where this leaves the magento install? Is setup completed or does it require further input? I need it so that a shop owner can then come in and start using the software straight away after their server has been created.

I see my other option with GPL as altering the magento bash script install and having that run each time an account is created, populating the required values with the templated ones that are available.



Hi Aaron,

Correct, you can automate a Magento install any time a Virtual Server is setup in Virtualmin Pro.

I ran a test to see how automated that is… first off, in the Server Templates, you’ll have the option to setup a number of defaults for Magento. But once you set it up to be installed by default into each Virtual Server, it gets installed and configured when the Virtual Server is created… amongst all the other setup details, you’d also see this:

Installing third-party scripts ..
  Installing magento version ..
  Configuring Apache PHP settings ..
  .. already done.

  .. done. Initial Magento installation complete. Go to to manage it.

Feel free to yell if you have any other questions!


Hi Eric,

That’s exactly what I was looking for and it works just as I had hoped. Thanks, you really helped me out!