Mac Snow Leopard?

hey, quick question, will Virtualmin install easily on Mac Snow Leopard? I was reading some old posts and there was mention of possible support in the future. I have someone who wants to know if they can set up a hosting company on there.


Sorry, currently OSX isn’t one of the supported OS’s for running Virtualmin.

I suspect you might be able to perform a manual installation of the Virtualmin module, though all the other pieces would have to be manually compiled and installed. So, it probably wouldn’t be terribly simple to do :slight_smile:

I might suggest sticking with one of the supported distros for now:

That is about what I figured too. Thank you, I will send them the link =)

I tried the OS X route in the past. While Virtualmin works great after a lot of setup and tweaking, the problem lies ultimatly with Apple’s versions of Apache, PHP and MySQL. You’ll end up having to compile your own versions and run a seprate install.

In my opinion, it’s just not worth the trouble, setup Virtualbox and install Centos.