LXC under Cloudmin

Hello, I make heavy use of LXC containers and like to use Cloudmin for managing all my servers but I repeatedly run into issues and can’t make it to reliably create LXC containers.
All in all it’s a pain and I would love to see all those issues fixed.
It seems from what I’ve read that LXC is lacking love from Cloudmin team because of ressources shortage but it’s a shame since LXC is a great solution for lightweight virtualization under Linux.
I would not like to consider moving away to another cloud management solution since I’ve been using and supporting Webmin team since over 13 years now.
How could we hope to see LXC support in Cloudmin revived ?

I too have moved to lxc via the LXD snap on Ubuntu. I think right when cloudmin started to include lxc support, lxc switched over to LXD (on ubuntu anyway). Not worth the time to redo everything with such little interest.

Some benefits to drum up some interest… :grinning:
LXC containers on a ZFS filesystem is the perfect setup. Can raid any combination of disks, redundancy protection, bit rot protection, can add high speed disk caching for reads and writes. Easy to manage, simple snapshots, easily resize disks space or add cpu or memory without rebooting. All activated instantly.

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