LVM Group is being ignored with Cloudmin GPL and KVM

I’ve recently configured a new setup with Cloudmin 6.8.kvm on CentOS6.3 and plan to use it to host a number of Ubuntu 12.04 KVM servers for various duties (mysql, mail apache etc).

The issue I’m struggling with right now is that creating a new instance is ignoring my request to use a particular LVM group. The host OS and files are in vg0 and I want new instances to use vg1 for some simple segregation and easier backups. vg0 is just 25GB, whereas vg1 is around 230GB and has no volumes created within it - both are using the same physical SSD.

For Cloudmin > Host Settings > KVM Host Settings > [my-host-system] > Create disk images in I’ve chosen vg1.

When creating a new instance, in the Advanced Options > Location for disk image, I’ve tried both Host System Default and LVM Logical Volume. Both fail with a message saying insufficient disk space, and the extra space required by the image suggests it’s trying to create the disk image in vg0 which is too small.

Am I missing some other setting somewhere or have I misunderstood the way I have set this up?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


There is a bug that can cause the disk space on /kvm to be checked instead of the space in the LV when creating a new VM, and thus trigger this incorrect error.

How much disk space do you jave free on the filesystem that /kvm is on, and how big is the VM you are trying to create?

Hey Jamie

Thanks for the response.

/kvm is on a volume within the vg0 group and is no bigger than around 2GB (from memory). The VM I’ trying to create is 50GB plus a little swap etc.

Can the bug be rectified locally by me?

I can send you a patch. Or you can work around it by moving /kvm to a larger filesystem.

Or you can create the VM smaller to start with (like 1GB), and then upsize the filesystem after creation - that avoids the issue.

Thanks Jamie.

If it isn’t too much trouble, I’d really appreciate a patch. Although would that cause me issues with upgrading to new versions of Cloudmin when they are released?

Actually, I’d have to email you a complete Cloudmin package that includes the fix. That way you would be able to upgrade properly in future.

If you are interested, let me know if you are using the gpl or pro version, and on which linux distribution.

Cheers Jamie, that would be fantastic.

We’re using Cloudmin GPL 6.8 KVM on CentOS 6.3 x64.

I just wanted to close off the thread by saying that this issue is now resolved in cloudmin release 6.9.kvm.

Thanks Jamie for your help with this, and for considering our issue on an individual basis.