Lost settings


I just did an ‘Import Virtual Server’ and Virtualmin appears to have trashed itself.

Almost everything Virtual/Webmin related, Virtual Servers, Webmin modules etc etc has gone and whats left showing in the Webmin left hand menu is just basic skeleton stuff, and 1 virtual server (the freshly Imported one)

Actual server data seems to be OK:
everything under /home looks intact, db’s are all there.

It seems to be just webmin/virtualmin settings / modules / configs thats been shot away. But obviously as far I’m concerned just now its pretty serious

Its a fairly new install of Virtual Min Pro 3.61 on CentOS5.2

Jamie/Joe please! help!


It sounds like the Virtualmin configuration directory may have been messed up by the import process.

Could you post a screenshot of what you see how? That could help work out what went wrong …

Hi Jamie

thanks for prompt reply.

I went to bed at that point.
When I looked again with slightly less panic I thought maybe the Imported server had defaulted to being owned by root…?

And then I found this…

yep I managed it too!

Joe’s fix for Webmin worked, but still left root with just the 1 domain visible in VM.

I figured if root didnt own that domain it might help. So I bravely (ha!) used the api script move-domain.pl to move it. Of course this trashed the root user in passwd and shadow. I think without warning? Anyway I still had ssh terminals open so that was ok.

In the link above, cus didnt finally resolve the virtualmin issue.
Moving root.acl out of etc/webmin and virtual-server seems to have restored the functionality. But clicking thur from Webmin Users, root is still "managed by the Virtualmin Virtual Servers module" with the warning about settings being overwritten.
What else needs fixing please?

a screenshot is attached for reference

mental note to self: measure twice. cut once.

screenshot didnt go thru…

Wow, I think that may be tricky to fix using the tools available in Virtualmin! If you like though, I could login to your system myself and try to clean it up manually…

Hi Jamie

thanks for reply

Most of it is sorted (I think!). Moving the root.acl files out from under /etc/webmin restored the functionality.
The only hangover seems to be that when you click thru from Webmin Users, to root, there is a warning that "root is managed by the Virtualmin Virtual Servers module" and a warning about settings being overwritten.

But everything works OK and it had a good work out yesterday moving / setting up sites.

It’d be excellent if you’d have a look round for me, but ssh is firewalled down to ip ranges and I’m out today so cant open that up.

can you pm/email me your ip address/range and I’ll send you logins asap