Lost it gained it

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 22.04.3
Webmin version 2.105
Usermin version 2.005
Virtualmin version 7.8.2
Theme version 21.09.5
Package updates All installed packages are up to date

I think I’ve lost it - sorry daft question - maybe.

I have only just noticed this in Usermin (on more than one account)

I appear to have two “Sent” folders!
One contains the message “Sent” (the top one) the other seems empty.

I assume somewhere I have created this in ignorance now how to undo it? (It is confusing)

Screenshot 2023-12-02 110949

Oh, and why is “spam” not in title case? (“Spam”)

I am pretty sure that the first one is used by webmail, the second by email clients.

I have solved that one - by going into “Manage Folders” and renaming it.

As for the duplicate “Sent” I could probably delete it in the same place, but…

maybe not - I have tried sending by Usermin and using Roundcube (my webmail preference) and using an external client (Thunderbird and Nodemailer) but nothing seems to be put there.

The puzzling thing is that has only happened on this box (hence my thoughts were on some setting I have inadvertently clumsily set.)

There was one webmail client that once boasted a motto of something like, ‘Webmail that sucks less. Let’s face it, all webmail sucks’. And went on from that premise for his client.

I think IMAP probably requires some defaults so they get hard coded into clients. You end up with duplicates if you use duplicate clients. That’s my working theory. In your case it simply used the first one in the list. Not enough of an issue to take it further.

There is no standard for what folders are called, and mail clients vary.

You’ll need to figure out what your other mail client(s) use for folder names and change Usermin to match (or vice versa).

If you use your other mail client first and let it create the folders it wants, I believe Usermin will detect the most common ones and use those instead of its default names. (And, if it doesn’t it’s probably a bug or we’re not detecting the folder names for your client, and that can be fixed.)

I’m assuming nobody wants to be blamed for lost emails on an initial sync.

I never thought about IMAP (more experimentation required) If the extra “Sent” is created by the client then why not a extra “Inbox” “Draft” and I still don’t ssee what the difference is “Sent” and “Sent” look the same to me. Also why only this box. They all have Roundcube on every VS (part of my VS setup routine, along with sending myself (Thunderbird) a test email from Usermin)

Each of those clients might have different names.

The actual folder name is probably different. Some mail clients prepend a ., some are all lowercase, etc. and Usermin may be normalizing the displayed name for cosmetic reasons. You can look at the actual directories in the Maildir folder for the user.

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Or if logged in to Usermin, select Manaqe Folders.

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Thanks, yes as said above, that is how I renamed the “spam” to “Spam”. I have also deleted the second “Sent” for one user (me) and it has not reappeared. it had the same folder name (as far as I could tell) it does not seem to be a folder put there by IMAP and a web client.

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