Lost Home and Updated

Is it just me or the site has changed?

Didn’t there used to be “New” and “Updated” here?
I used to go to those to see what was happening

Not just you.

Not just you. I updated Discourse over the weekend, and I opted into the new menu, which changed more than I expected (but the old menu is deprecated and being removed in the next release of Discourse, so it’s not like we could keep the old one for much longer, anyway). The new menu is quite customizable, though.

“New” and “Updated” remain available in the menu above categories on the main page.

Here’s the discussion about the change from the devs:

I think it looks nicer, anyway.

Personal opinion (mine) quite the opposite - I think it is clunky and full of “options” I don’t want. I have added A few links (it would be more useful to remove others and make it truly customisable - but heh that is down to discourse) and TBH it is quite good for Forum software - I have seen worse.

I have saved the “new” and “unread” to my browser bar for even easier use.

I’m trying not to become a part-time Discourse developer, though we do have some modifications and tweaks. So, we’ll have to live with whatever they give us, and hope it keeps trending toward better.

I don’t have strong feelings one way or the other about the new menu, but reading the thread over there it seems many people do, so hopefully your wishes are being represented by somebody over there and being taken into account by the devs.

I’m so pleased with Discourse, in general, I will forgive quite a lot of growing pains. It handles stuff like spam so well compared to alternatives I’ve used. It really provides great tools for admins, in addition to the user experience being mostly great. Also, it’s fast even on a tiny VM (I think I’m running it on a 2GB VM at Vultr).

Yes ME2 - this is my 1st experience with it. I am just a user and have no real knowledge of it from an admin perspective. I have and can work around this particular gripe. I was not looking for a change - more just trying to understand if I was loosing more of the few marbles I still have left :slight_smile:

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