Looking for Webmin/Virtualmin Administrator Services


We are looking for an experienced Webmin/Virtualmin/Linux administrator to help manage 6+ servers for our small web hosting company. All servers are L.A.M.P with centOS except one which is freeBSD. Experience with kvm virtualization, cloudmin are a plus. Ability to do updates on live production servers, and then troubleshoot and fix any issues that arise from the updates. On call availability a must.

Please send info and rates to: mikeowdd at yahoo dot com

Thank you

On call 24x7 ?? That’s rather harsh if you are only looking for 1 person to fill this spot.

To clarify, we do not need 24 X 7 on call availability. We need someone available during business hours of 8 AM-5 PM PST. In other words we want someone we can call to help fix possible issues during business hours.

Also, to schedule times after business hours to update servers to latest stable software and be available to fix issues that crop up after doing updates and not just update and disappear for a day or two.

What is your time zone ? I’m interested but if you aren’t in the US I’m afraid I couldn’t help.

We are on the west coast - PST. Where are you located?

Same time zone. I’m in Spokane, WA.

I’m interested if the spot is still open.