Looking for paid support: Parallel install PHP5.6 & PHP7+ on Ubuntu 16.04

I’m looking for someone experienced that’s interested in giving me a (paid) hand to get above working, running as FCGI (I’d imagine) under the right user&group. I’ve got PHP5.6 running as fpm (using Ondrej’s ppk), but can’t figure out how to get it running under the right user (as opposed to as the Apache user), and Virtualmin doesn’t seem to support it properly as you can’t switch to PHP7 when running as fpm. PHP7+ seems to be running fine if changing config files manually, but for now we need PHP5.6 as well.

Anyone out there that can help? Thanks! Ed

Did you ever find the help you needed? I can likely figure it out for you, although my Ubuntu is a bit rusty. Have been all-CentOS for the last few years. Feel free to contact me at my username @gmail.com.