Looking for a Webmin/Virtualmin Teacher/Mentor

Hi everyone,

I’m currently looking for a mentor who can teach me Webmin/Virtualmin from A to Z on a 1 on 1 live zoom training once a week, if you are interested we discuss details, like payments, etc privately, thank you.

@Fabrix hi, what you looking for, I mean can you be more specific? Like you would like to do setup of virtualmin on your own from a to z or you would like or need to learn how dns apache works etc… Also what time zone you are in? Im UTC.

@unborn I’m in CET I would need to learn things like using the server as SMTP ( I know how to install RoundCube but need to know how to configure) then dns apache, the list could be endless, schedule backup, better in s3 amazon or in the server? and much more

ok so basically how to setup things alone correct? basic DNS and Apache is not problematic but to learn DNS is quite board topic and there’s a tons of directions to be absorbed. I will DM you proposal in night as I am working night shift and just getting ready to work. I’m one hour behind CET. Do you have telegram or signal or duo app? or Google meet?

Yes, correct, I use telegram, please leave me your telegram contact I’ll add you there

it’s on my profile here in forum

just click on badge which said I’m on telegram.

Ok I just added you

@unborn is a good guy. You can trust him. Also very good on email issues is @calport. He’s done work for me and is very reasonably priced and very trustworthy as well.


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