Looking for a hosting provider(No Longer Look but I don't see the solve button)

I’m getting to the point where I need to start seriously thinking about where I want to host this. Long story is I can’t trust the stats I’m getting from the current provider so I’m not really sure what the final footprint will be. Mostly mail and web for about 150 small sites. No heavy hitters here. A couple of gigs of bandwidth a month probably from the largest. Lots of little sites that see no activity.

Very small regional company in the US. I’ll consider ‘offshore’ if the latency isn’t bad. None of these sites have critical time requirements but it seems at times that the world wide wait is making a come back. :wink:


Send me a PM and I can go over this with you.

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I swear by Turnkey Internet in Latham, New York. Outstanding uptime, connectivity, and support.


My biggest shock right now is disk space. When we hosted our own servers we were pretty liberal because disk costs were pretty minimal. Now it looks like you buy a drive the first month and then rent it. back. :frowning:

I never said they were cheap.


For close to 4 years I’ve lease 3 reseller servers from 1and1/ionos and they are the best priced option I found. 4T drive space and it comes with Plesk provisioning control panel but I use Virtualmin for the flexibility and support. The Plesk licsense is owned by 1and1 which doesn’t give you access to the Plesk free tech support. 1and1 supports the server but not Plesk

Amazon is actually a little better priced than Turnkey. :frowning:

Thanks. Looks like a possibility.

That’s possible. The last time I checked their pricing it was… less than crystal clear. But I’ve never heard anyone complain about their reliability.

But I still swear by Turnkey. :slightly_smiling_face:


what size and what price are you looking at?

XL plan on this page looks about right. Not sure about space but with unlimited bandwidth I can pull backups off to a home server and that should help with space, which is the only thing I’m not really sure about at the moment.

That is pretty cheap, especially is you lock into the 12month plan, even $25 per month is cheap.
Only issue is your locked in. I use vultr as it great for development as everything is charged per hour. So I can create and destroy servers at little cost. So I can build a Rock9 machine install VM try some testing and destroy coast only a few cents. No monthly fee just chuck $10 in there and play around with servers until your $10 is used up.

Ionos is absolute crap.
As mentioned by @stefan1959, Vultr, DO or Linode are good value cloud providers that perform very well.
Otherwise I’d suggest you join some hosting forums like lowendspirit or lowendtalk, read some reviews before making up an opinion.
That way there’s less chance you’ll burn your money on nothing.

Personally I swear by Hetzner, but I’m located in Europe. Oh, and while writing this I remembered that they also have two US options now, east and west coast.

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I have to concur with @toreskev : I would avoid Ionos. I’ve dealth with them before about a year ago and unless something has changed rather dramatically I would never deal with them again.

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just to close the thread.

I’ve had my own issues with ionos and have been using them for years.

I told them to stick their Plesk server up where the sun don’t shine and closed the account because of so many problems with their Plesk software, however the VPS offering I have with ionos now, is just the vanilla option with no Plesk, works like a charm.

Installed Virtualmin, got port 25 opened, setup the reverse proxy in ionos and it’s a sweet little setup. The only support I need now is for virtualmin. I no longer have to contend with the low-grade support from ionos.

VPS Server + Virtualmin is the bomb. You are the master of your own destiny - lol…

in summary - IONOS Vanilla VPS + Virtualmin - in spite of what others say is not such a bad deal.

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