Logs server in mail about report Domain: xxxxxxxxxx

Debian 10:

I receive in my mailbox the logs of the server that hosts my company’s sites. How can I deactivate this function?

Thank you for your help

I guess you are talking about the mails for the logging function.
You can check that in webmin -> webmin configuration -> logging .

Thank you for your response,
I have received a new email address for my work which receives all the log emails and maybe also spam which looks like this
report Domain: xxxxxxxxxx Mailer-Deamon @xxxxxxxx.com
I have access to virtualmin and webmin but my server knowledge is limited.
If you have an idea or direct me to remove the redirection to my mail this could really help me.


If a _dmarc.xxxxxxxxxx.tld DNS record which looks like the following has been configured for your domain, it might be the cause of the email which you receive.

v=DMARC1; p=none; pct=100; rua=mailto:niel@cal.indiax.com; sp=none; aspf=r;

You need to modify this record to stop receiving such email or change the email address to some other on which you could receive reports, which give you info to analyze the effectiveness of your email delivery.

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Like @calport said, that sounds awfully like a DMARC report.

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