Logs Filling with systemd-journald warnings

I dont believe my issue is caused or related to V-min or Webmin, however I do trust the input of this community.

My /var/log/messages logs are huge since around Jan. 5, 2023. Before that approximate date they were under 8-10 megs, now they are averaging 50 megs+

When I run:

[root@node2 ~] dmesg

the console will shows hundreds of the following 2 lines repeated:

[328191.600049] systemd-journald[539]: /run/log/journal/40907xxxxxxxxxx/system.journal: Journal header limits reached or header out-of-date, rotating.
[340881.407756] systemd-journald[539]: Data hash table of /run/log/journal/40907xxxxxxxxxxxx/system.journal has a fill level at 75.0 (27098 of 36124 items, 20807680 file size, 767 bytes per hash table it

(please note the "x"s are just to obfuscate the hash number being shown)

My duckduck’ searches were inconclusive, suggesting logs not rotating etc. but the system logs do show date changes and the cycle of removing past logs also appears correct.
If anyone in the Vmin community can chime in I would appreciate it!

For the record, the server is working flawlessly, AFAICT all services working for 5 domains, email, mariadb, messenging, vmin, webmin, updates, everthing seems “normal”. This was a new install as of Dec. 2022 when I migrated and restored my COS7 server to RockyLinux9. These logged errors started around 10-14 days after the move.


after going back and retrying my searches, it became clear that this is normal behavior for journald.
AFAICT, this was changed from how CentOS 7 did its logging. I see that the journal system is easier to use but grabs all the logging!? This is why the log files seemd huge.

I found 2 links that helped with the clearing this issue(my lack of understanding).

From BetterStack:

From LinuxHandBook:

Hopefully this helps others.


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