Login with e-mail, changed?

I have a few users with just 1 user (admin) which people use for their webmail.

They used to login like this: user@domain.tld.

But since I upgraded to VM 4.02 this behavior seems changed, I can only login like this: user. I have a few websites who used PHP scripts to send emails with that login info and they stopped working now.

I have the setting “Format for usernames that include domain” set to “username@domain”.

Is something changed in Virtualmin? Or is it a bug?


What webmail app is it where you’re seeing this particular issue?

The Virtualmin version wouldn’t affect that though – email authentication works based on the username… so if the usernames are actually in the format user@domain.tld – the only reason that should stop working is if the username changes.

But we can do some troubleshooting to try and determine why you’re seeing that behavior.


I also cannot authenticate in Usermin anymore with user@domain.tld.

How could I troubleshoot the problem? I checked the users for the domain and only the admin user is present (so user), maybe that’s the culprit?


Yeah, if the email users were removed from the system, that would prevent them from being able to login, which explains one of the issues you’re seeing.

As for the admin user – Usermin (though not necessarily other webmail clients) should accept either “user” or “user@domain.tld” for the admin user.

If user@domain.tld doesn’t work for the admin user to login to Usermin – is that user still receiving email at that address?


Hi Eric,

Email works fine, there has always been just 1 admin user, thing is that the admin user had an alias:
info@domain.tld which it uses to login with, now that login doesn’t work anymore.

user@domain.tld or just user do work yes, but I used info@domain.tld to login to the email (which is an alias created under “Edit Mail Aliases”.