Login form - how to?

I set up a login form on my website, with field names in place, and it directs to the virtualmin login page.
However, I often get an error from virtualmin telling me that my browser doesnt support cookies.
However, logging in directly from Virtualmin works fine.
It’s definetly not a browser issue, but I must have missed something in my form I guess…
Anyone has an idea for how properly creating a login form for Virtualmin?

I suspect you need the domain to match when doing this redirect. Even then, some browsers might fight against you.

I’ve never setup a form like this…but you might find that framing the login form works better (you can build a custom login form in virtual-server-theme/session_login.cgi, if you need it to look a certain way, just be sure to make a copy of your changed version so you can replace it whenever you upgrade the theme).

I dunno, I’ll have to tinker with alternative login forms, as it’s not an area I’m familiar with.