Logical Volume Management shows incorrect space used for logical volumes

| OS type and version | Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS |
| Webmin version | 2.020 |

I have two logical volumes in the same volume group. For testing I started with them as 10GB, but after I was done testing, I extended them each to 1TB.

On the first logical volume, there’s about 8GB used, but the LVM page is showing 49GB used.
On the second logical volume, there’s about 302MB used, but the LVM page is showing 41GB used.

The Dashboard shows the correct utilization of the disk space, but the Logical Volume Management page is showing something totally different.

My LVM page doesn’t show used space. It shows allocated space.

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Logical Volumes and filesystem usage aren’t the same. You’re looking at two completely different things.

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