Log Viewer in webmin?

Running Debian…
Now I had a hardware error which after fixing required a restart.
Unfortunately a raft of servers did not start. Actually I reset the machine later and it is still an issue.
Fortunately, just from a webmin login its easy & quick enough to scroll down and start those stopped/not started servers manually.

Now maybe its there somewhere buried in the webmin menus, but I am trying to avoid ssh in and searching the logs. So is there a log viewing built into webmin somewhere ?

System-System Logs
Not that hard to find.


I do admit that I keep forgetting about the search.

I shouldn’t go looking @ 3AM obviously :slight_smile:

Also, it’s possible to use File Manager for log viewing. You could even add a panel to favorites for a quicker access:

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I have always found searching logs a bit of pain,
fortunately its not that often I have to do it, but then because its not that often I keep forgetting some of the shortcuts…


If you want to view and configure log files on your system where log messages are recorded, the System Logs module under the System category

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