Location of CSS source code and how to rebuild MIN css files

Finally trying out Authentic Theme as a recent post says the Virtualmin Framed Theme that I have used for years has been retired and has not been in active development for many years.

I have found many xxxx.min.css and xxx.min.js files in various folders – is it possible to view and download the source of these for analysis and education, as well as obtaining the build instructions – so I can roll my own custom version? While is possible to read the MIN versions, its hard.

Sorry if this is a newbie question :slight_smile:


That’s a good question. I don’t see the original sources in the authentic-theme repo, either. @Ilia can the theme repo get the sources and whatever scripts are needed to build the min versions?

No, not at the moment … probably some day! But at the moment it isn’t really ready to be released to the public repo.

if these are standard minimised .css or .js there are many dev tools out there to unminimize them (even the standard dev tools that comes with the Chrome browser. these have to be interpreted by the program that handles them (a web browser) they are normally only packed to remove spaces etc and not encrypted.

They are not encrypted, and most of them are combinations of existing libraries, rather than custom code. But, it’s valuable to have the unminimized and commented versions of the unique code in our repos (the third party library stuff doesn’t matter, as long as someone can find the originals, easily). Open Source should be readable by humans.

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