LIVE Virtualmin Server upgrade to PRO


Just now purchased a Virtualmin License PRO !!

I have already the GPS version in operation on my CentOS 7 server with 4 Domains LIVE.

I am getting this error

Failed to upgrade to Virtualmin Pro : Upgrading is not possible as Virtualmin’s install type is rpm but Webmin’s is tar.gz

What do I do to fix this issue?

Don’t panic. We can sort it out manually.

But, I really wish you’d installed using our installer (everything is easier that way). Can I ask what led you to installing using the tarball rather than following our installation guide at ? I hate to see folks doing so much extra work and ending up with an inconsistent and usually less functional system by doing it all manually.

Since your system is in an unknown state, I’m gonna need to ask some questions so I know how to guide you to safely upgrade.

I assume since Webmin is from the tarball everything was installed manually, as well? i.e. you downloaded the virtual-server.wbm.gz package and installed it using Webmin Modules?

Is there a specific guide you followed for setting up the rest of your services (e.g. Apache, mail, etc.)? Pro includes features that GPL doesn’t, and I want to make sure they won’t step on what you’ve already setup.

It’s probable that you can just download the Pro wbm from (you’ll need to use your Serial Number and License Key as the Username and Password when prompted for login information) and install it using Webmin Modules. If you setup module updates you may need to modify that; there’s a risk of GPL overwriting Pro if you are pulling from the Webmin module repos (I’m not sure if Jamie publishes the GPL virtual-server module to the Webmin repo).

As an aside, it looks like my build scripts aren’t pushing new wbm versions of virtual-server, so I’ll fix that and get 6.09 into that repo (almost nobody uses the wbm repo, so it gets no attention).

Longer term, it’s probably wise to convert your system to a proper RPM installation (for so many reasons), but that’s potentially disruptive, so shouldn’t be done casually.

I went over all the forum questions/answers about my topic and I did the following:

The following steps can be utilized to install Virtualmin in a CentOS 7 (RHEL 7) environment on a fresh OS installation.

Ensure your server is up to date

yum update -y

Download the Virtualmin installer script using wget


Execute the install script


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COMMAND: cat /etc/yum.repos.d/virtualmin.repo

name=RHEL/CentOS/Scientific $releasever - $basearch - Virtualmin

name=Virtualmin Distribution Neutral Packages

COMAND: rpm -qa | grep webmin


I installed a clean CentOS 7 server BASIC…
Then I installed Virtualmin/Webmin via command line
AND nothing else …

The script installed everything…
Anything else was installed via the Virtualmin/Webmin admin panel

p.s. I have a second server that I have also installed Virtualmin/Webmin on it via same procedure above.

If we need to, can we move LIVE DOMAINS/WEBSITES over to that server… just a backup thought…

It seems that the procedure maybe the issue here as I do not know enough about your app to install it manually…but I am learning a LOT HERE…

your support and help…

All my customers want to pay me for hosting their products online but I do not yet have a billing system to get that task done yet…
I got to have panel that will have options in it to talk to ENOM, which I am a reseller for… There is NO place in GPL to talk to ENOM… so this is one of the main reasons I have upgraded to PRO… really didn’t want to… but that is the way it is…
I would like for a free billing system because WHMCS is so expensive for just a small company like mine at this time…

As you can see above and from my reading all the other issues with moving from GPL to PRO … I did not change the yum file… your installer set that up for me… I just verified that the file was there…

Do y’all need access to my production server?
I don’t mind if you come into it and look around…
I am not sure at this time if backup’s are working or not…
I am backing up (ALL) modules every hour…

I need to check to see if virtual domain servers websites are being backed up too… just in case… I have about 80 hours of programming that I just don’t want to loose AGAIN!! lol
You see, I am moving from 2 other apps to yours now…
and now I believe I have the right app (yours) to move forward with my future plans to do business online…

Let me know if you want root password to access my system at


OK, good! That’s great. Apparently something changed that confused Webmin about how it or some components were installed (maybe using the upgrade-from-git script, or installing modules from wbm). But that’s much easier to fix. Sorry I made it weird. :wink:

If you’d like to use the Support module to grant me access (it has an option to install our public keys for remote access), I can drop in and sort it out. Or, you can email me ( or DM me a temporary root password or you can open a ticket in the issue tracker where tickets are private by default (

I can not find where any support module is located…
and how do I add you as a master admin?

I do have a ticket open with y’all … it is Ticket number: ummm, no number… here is the info



Webmin Core




Support request

Operating System:







Sun, 06/14/2020 - 10:53


Sun, 06/14/2020 - 10:clock530:

ok. I have installed the support module now via yum…
it is all yours now…

I have not figured out how to configure and setup GIT system…

OK, the root problem was that the install-type was empty, and the Webmin package had been overwritten with the script (which fetches the development version of Webmin from git, not recommended on a production system). Seems to be resolved now.

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